Hello….. And an Introduction

Hi my name is Ella and welcome to my Blog. Never having attempted to write a blog before, I shall be learning as I go along, just as I am learning to live with MS. Please feel free to join in and tag along on this precarious dual journey!!

Being 52 I was quite late to be diagnosed, but having a maternal Aunt who also lives with MS and having spent many years working with people with long term conditions including MS, I wasn’t that surprised when I received the news!…it certainly explained all the crazy symptoms and feelings I had been having.

I have truly learnt and am indeed still learning about good and bad days and how it affects my body and me.

I am exploring traditional medicines, diet and homeopathy with a view to it helping and relieving symptoms as well as helping to prevent further relapses.

I expect to post when I am happy and post when I am sad, about being mum to 2 grown up sons, step mum to four (three girls and boy ) and Nanny to one with another on the way. What I get up to, any tips and tricks that help me, being lucky enough to have two fantastic (though ageing parents)!!! and just life in general.

well here goes the start of my blogging journey!!